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Courses For Schools

SAT and ACT bespoke courses -- online, in person or a combination of both.

Does your school have students considering US universities? 

Join institutions such as The Sevenoaks School,  The Centre Academy London, The Centre Academy Anglia, and others and let us create bespoke SAT or ACT courses for your school.  We will make the best course to suit your students’ needs and schedules.


The Benefits of our Courses

We design all courses to fit your students’ particular needs. Whether they are aiming for the Ivies, or just need to improve enough for a sports scholarship, we make the course right for them. We also  group students (four or more) into classes depending on needs. For example, strong Maths students can be in one ‘class’ which will focus more on Reading skills. Students then benefit by learning material which suits them most!

We are particularly aware of UK and International students’ backgrounds and needs. We aim to bridge any gaps in material and/or cultural awareness.

If in the London area, we can hold live weekly classes to check in on student progress and answer any questions.

If farther away, we can arrange weekly Webinar meetings to check in on student progress and answer any questions.

Courses Include

Each student will have the following:

  • A live tutor who creates and monitors the course based on students’ needs and performances
  • 24/7 online access to online materials
  • Detailed diagnostics on every practice test, using only real SAT and ACT tests for accurate scores
  • Over 100 hours of online video lessons and solutions to view as needed
  • Weekly feedback from tutor
  • Workbook to go with online materials
  • Custom-made quizzes based on students work
  • Email access to tutor which will be answered in a timely fashion
  • Optional joint class Blog for essay practice and review. (Get to know your ‘class’)
  • Diagnostic test results throughout course to see how student is progressing

Course Fees

As each course will specially tailored for your students, we can't offer set prices. We're more than happy to discuss options - please contact us here.