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See what our students and parents have to say about our services.

As a UK student applying to the US, prepping for the SATS is a stressful process. Finding a good tutor is key, and I was greatly impressed by Elizabeth’s knowledge and experience. She was quickly able to identity my areas of weakness and went through problems in a clear, methodical way. I was able to approach test day confidently. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth – it’s rare to find someone with such expertise outside of London.
— JH, Student, Yale 2012
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with the exams and for your great advice and help with the application.
I wanted to let you know that I have received my likely letter from Yale!
— MC, Student, Nov 2017
We were extremely lucky to find Elizabeth, who has helped our daughter to prepare for the SAT. Not only could our daughter see a significant improvement to her performance on all sections of the test, Elizabeth made her feel comfortable about the SAT. Elizabeth is amazing. We strongly recommend her tutoring to those who seek to boost their SAT score.
— VM and AU - parents
Just wanted to let you know that I did much better this time around. My single score was 2280 (740, 780, 760 (10 in the essay) in Reading, Maths, Writing), with a super score of 2300. I’m glad I retook it and want to thank you for all your help with the preparation and during the Monday sessions.
— AM, student
Thought you would like to know I just got my ACT scores back. I got 35 :) Thank you for your help!
— LM, Student
Hi Ms! I did better, I’m really happy! I got a 29 this time!
Ale :)
— AS, student
Hi Elizabeth,

Here are my scores:

English- 34
Math- 32
Reading- 31
Science- 26
Composite- 31
Thanks for all your help!
— BA, Student
My results came in a few days ago, I’m so sorry but my celebrations were cut short by the school assessments and I forgot to let you know - I got a 34 (on the ACT test) ! Thanks so much for all your help.
— DW -- Student
I am very grateful for all the help Elizabeth gave my son. She was able to give him a better idea of how to handle the SAT test in a short time so that he was able to improve significantly. Also, she was always reachable at any time of the day in a very personal and cordial manner. I would recommend her to any student wanting to sit the SAT.
— I, Parent
The results have been released and Pierce’s results were outstanding. Please see (Score report) below. Thank you for your help and support.
— TW, Parent
I just checked my results and I got a 34! Thank you so much for helping me :)
— -KL, student 2016
As a foreign speaker, the SAT test can be quite a challenge, especially the Critical Reading section. However, with Elizabeth’s help I managed to up my score significantly in a small amount of time. I strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to score high test results. Her knowledge, experience and helpfulness is truely magnificent. Many thanks for all the help and motivation, the trust and the belief.
— M, Student
I am still trying to get my head around my son’s results. Thank you Elizabeth, your methods did the trick! My son’s improvement was remarkable with an increase of 120 points on his Math score and 60 points on his Critical Reading Score. With his higher SAT scores, his target schools are within reach. This is our second time around working with you, and we will definitely be asking you to help our third teenager with her SAT/ACT preparation.
— AV, parent
I can highly recommend Elizabeth as an SAT tutor. She worked with my daughter weekly for a few months, and really helped to focus my daughter’s study efforts and improve her scores. The College Board tests mathematics in a way that students from the UK may learn differently at school. Additionally, the essay section requires advance thought and preparation. Elizabeth helped guide my daughter to learn the style that was expected, and the types of questions she may encounter on the exam. My daughter improved her test scores significantly as a result.
— LM, Parent
After my son took the SATs the first time Elizabeth worked with him over several months. His score on the second sitting rose by 220 points. The coaching started with an assessment of where my son was and what he needed to work on, and then proceeded with practice tests followed by remote review sessions over Skype. Elizabeth was effective in identifying specific areas and topics on all three tests where my son needed to improve and communicating those to him. The improvement in my son’s score speaks for itself; we are grateful to Elizabeth for her effective coaching and would recommend her highly to others.
— R MN, Parent of student now at Amherst College
Nick’s SAT score is in. He got 1400 which I think equates to around 2000 and puts him in the 97th percentile - so easily enough for Northwestern. Thank you so much for your help!
— SB, parent
Ms Elizabeth is an excellent tutor the SAT. Her vast experience and expertise is reflected in her caring approach to teaching, which gave me confidence that I would do well in the SATs. This is especially reassuring for students who are unfamiliar with this way of testing. She tailor-makes her lessons to suit your needs and ensures vast improvements in your score provided you follow her advice. I really appreciated her help tutoring me and helping me achieve my goals!
— A C, Student
We wanted to thank you for all the help you gave (our son). It clearly made a big difference as he improved quite dramatically on two of the three and was able to get his total score well over the 2000 mark!
— JM, Parent
Elizabeth has been a valuable source of support and information for my daughter’s US University applications. Her methods have helped my daughter to sharpen her SAT skills, to focus her approach to the common application essay and to plan her Early Decision and Regular Decision applications. Elizabeth has been always at hand when needed and quick to respond to any questions or dilemmas which we had. She is the ‘calm in storm’ in applying to US Universities. We will be using Elizabeth when our next two children are ready to apply. Thank you Elizabeth!
— AV, Parent
I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone taking the SAT’s. She is very good at explaining why each answer is right and why the wrong ones are wrong. I learned a lot from our sessions. I also didn’t feel pressured to understand the answer straight away; I felt confident in asking about something if I didn’t understand.
— AP, Student
Elizabeth helped our son prepare for the SAT. Their time together and the work she set him really made a big difference. He understood how to take the test and as a result his confidence increased and he was really able to focus on areas that would improve his overall score. His results really tell the whole story. He dramatically improved on two of the three and got the overall score he was looking for plus some!
— John, Parent
I really learnt a lot with Elizabeth. She helped me improve drastically throughout my lessons with her. She was particularly good at teaching me to pick out the fine details in the texts and applying them to the answers. Elizabeth made our lesson enjoyable and relaxed and I would definitely recommend her to anyone about to take the SATs.
— AM, Student now at Brown
Highly recommended. I’ve improved my score by over 300 points. Especially helpful to me in the Critical Reading sections.
— DM, Student
Thank you again for supporting our daughter. We are pleased with how well she did.
— LP, Parent